Supplier Applications

Supplier Applications

Welcome to the IAC Supplier Portal. IAC’s procurement web-based applications provide a unique opportunity to quickly provide pertinent information through the Internet on a secure site. This is a significant value to IAC and the Supplier Community as we are able to reduce redundant data entry and ensures data accuracy, while improving the time required for analysis.

If you are a Windows 10 user, please follow these instructions for using Internet Explorer compatibility mode to access our portals using other browsers.


This is used to access the supplier home page and all supplier applications.

Online Quoting

This system is used to respond to IAC-issued RFQ and ECN quote requests.

Supplier Rating System

This system is used to retrieve the monthly supplier scorecards.

Purchase Order Retrieval

This system is used to retrieve all IAC-issued purchase orders.

Supplier Quality Tracking System

This system is used to answer Quality Notices generated by an IAC plant.

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