IAC COVID-19 Expectations

IAC COVID-19 Expectations

Update: April 23, 2020

In response to post COVID-19 start-up activities, International Automotive Components Group (IAC) is requiring that all suppliers ensure they meet the IAC COVID-19 Expectations set forth below. The IAC COVID-19 Expectations shall be construed as Web Guides as provided under the IAC Purchase Order Terms and Conditions.


Healthy Workplace/PPE

  • Sufficient supply of safety equipment on hand at all locations, including but not limited to face masks, gloves, safety glasses, hand sanitizer, handwashing and alcohol gel stations available
  • Plans and controls to ensure proper spacing during flow of personnel in/out of the workplace in accordance with recommendations of the CDC/WHO/Local Health Authorities
  • Implementation of daily employee screenings for COVID-19 symptoms



  • Spacing in accordance with CDC/WHO/Health Authorities recommendations for all production area, seating areas, offices, cafeteria, conference rooms, etc…
  • Workstations/office desks in compliance and/or mitigation plan in place (eg. shielding)
  • Minimum spacing in all areas a crowd can gather, entrance, turnstile, lobby, breakrooms, etc. in accordance with CDC/WHO/Health Authorities recommendation 



  • Mandatory training and ongoing communication for all employees regarding COVID-19 safety protocols
  • Signage/posters throughout offices and manufacturing locations (conference rooms, cafeteria, restrooms, etc.)
  • Ensure tier suppliers and contract/temp firms have similar COVID-19 protection plans in place for their employees


Cleaning and Sanitizing

  • Process for frequent cleaning and sanitizing all workplaces (including cafeteria, restrooms, conference rooms)
  • Use of US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) or country equivalent approved cleaning chemicals
  • Disinfection plan for transportation equipment and production parts (using approved chemicals for production parts)


COVID-19 Case Response Process

  • Develop and rolled out a COVID-19 case response plan
  • Policies and procedures for employees to report when they are sick or experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, including encourage employees to self-monitor for signs and symptoms of COVID-19
  • Supervisor training to handle suspected COVID-19 cases
  • On-site medical or trained staff familiar with how to deal with potentially sick employees
  • Published and distributed emergency contact list


Visitors, Suppliers and Contractors

  • Implemented COVID-19 processes for all visitors, contractors, inbound/outbound delivery personnel
  • Visitor questionnaire covering health, travel and exposure assessment for all visitors to any facility



  • Sufficient liquidity to meet needs during shutdown and startup weeks
  • Increased in-process quality checks for startup weeks
  • Inspection of all tooling prior to startup week
  • Equipment and Machinery spare parts at required inventory levels
  • Approval plan for significant production changes during shutdown and startup weeks – approval, PPAP, etc…
  • Raw materials and purchased subcomponents at required inventory levels and stored to prevent damage during shutdown weeks
  • Travel guidelines in compliance with government restrictions and directives


IAC also recommends that suppliers ensure their protocols are in accordance with the most recent guidelines and recommendations, including those set forth below:

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