Instrument Panels, Cockpit & Console Systems

Instrument Panels & Cockpit Systems

At IAC, we create instrument panel and console solutions that exceed a diverse set of customer and industry standards. Among the most complex to create and implement, each solution is designed and engineered with unique components and features needed to achieve customer goals. We engineer in sequence full instrument panel assemblies and consoles allowing automakers greater design and component variability.

We also create complete cockpit systems that are designed, engineered, manufactured, and assembled using proprietary technologies to create hard- and soft-touch surfaces, as well as cut-and-sewn leather.

IAC uses proprietary surface materials to seamlessly blend comfort and craftsmanship. SprayPUR™, TAC 2™, and FastKast™ offer superior surface workmanship in touch, color, grain, and gloss. IAC’s SmartFoil®, TwinFoil®, and TwinSurface®  technologies address environmental, durability, and safety needs, while improving vehicle interior quality.

Vertical integration ensures our products and processes – from injection-molded side panels to painted decorative components and leather-wrapped armrests – optimize our value chain and meet customer performance and cost requirements.

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