IAC’S Halewood, UK Facility Launches Manufacturing 4.0 and Smart Factory Applications

IAC’S Halewood, UK Facility Launches Manufacturing 4.0 and Smart Factory Applications

HALEWOOD, United Kingdom (July 16, 2018) – International Automotive Components (IAC), a leading global supplier of automotive components and lightweight vehicle solutions, is implementing Manufacturing 4.0 and Smart Factory applications at its Halewood, United Kingdom, facility to provide customers with enhanced flexibility and efficient manufacturing of high-quality interiors. The new applications being launched at IAC Halewood feature the Industrial Internet of things (IoT), smart logistics, cross-company integration, real-time capacity data utilization, and collaborative robots (cobots).

“We are committed to providing innovative interior solutions that support our OEM customers as they advance towards the development and deployment of fully automated vehicles,” said Jonas Nilsson, IAC Europe President. “Our IAC Halewood location is taking the next step into the future of mobility with the use of cutting-edge technologies focused on the efficient creation of high-quality interiors.”

IAC Halewood features an extremely flexible cockpit just-in-time (JIT) assembly line for several vehicle models, substituting a fixed carousel with 42 Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs). The AGVs enable mass customization and can assemble up to 4 million cockpit variants on one production line that can be easily reconfigured by re-taping magnetic guidance stripes on the shop floor.

Real-time machine utilization software allows plant management to see data in real time, enabling them to make immediate adjustments. The data is stored in a database, allowing for future planning and manufacturing improvements.

At the end of the line, the cockpit quality is checked by skilled operators supported by cobots equipped with cameras.

The next step in IAC’s journey towards fully-flexible and highly-efficient plants is leveraging the existing machine utilization data to deploy predictive maintenance plans.

IAC plans to roll out Smart Factory integration to all its European manufacturing operations to improve manual work, increase flexibility, minimize scrap, eradicate defects, enhance process automation, and reduce single-use equipment.

Images of the new applications at IAC Halewood are available at iacgroup.wpengine.com/multimedia-assets/.


Headquartered in Luxembourg, International Automotive Components (IAC) Group is a leading global supplier of automotive components and systems, including instrument panels, console systems, door panels, headliners and overhead systems to automakers around the world. The company’s 2017 sales were $4.4 billion. IAC Group operates more than 50 manufacturing facilities in 16 countries. The company has more than 60 total locations in 19 countries, including 18 design, technical and commercial centers, and employs more than 22,000 people globally. For more information, visit iacgroup.wpengine.com.

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