IAC and the Environment

IAC and the Environment

Every day, we continue to raise the bar—finding new ways to support our customers and challenge ourselves.

At IAC, we offer innovative interior solutions that enhance mobility, while striving to reduce environmental impact. Our sustainability commitments span across our community involvement, social responsibility and the way we conduct business. Whether it be across the globe or right at home, we take pride in making sure we are doing our part to make our world more sustainable – now and in the future.

20% carbon footprint offset

IAC Group's reduced carbon footprint

Our three-main sustainability practice focuses:

  • Utilize renewable resources, recycled components, natural and bio-based materials and the right elements for each application.
  • Reduce carbon footprint, part weight and landfill shipments.
  • Improve product performance and competitiveness.

By adhering to the key areas of utilize, reduce and improve, we continuously develop and produce eco-friendly and cost-effective solutions. In addition, our optimized, streamlined methods help customers meet both Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) requirements.

Our sustainability efforts have resulted in:

  • 14% reduction in energy usage
  • 28% reduction in landfill shipments
  • 20% carbon footprint offset
  • 3 million pounds of plastics replaced by natural and bio-based materials
  • 32 million pounds of recycled components used

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