Instrument Panels & Consoles


IAC provides a full range of instrument panel solutions to the global market, including air distribution ducts, air outlets, glove boxes, decorative appliqués and other trim. We also design, engineer, manufacture and assemble complete cockpit systems, using proprietary technologies to create hard and soft-touch surfaces, as well as sewn leather.


IAC’s unique surface materials meet consumer demand for comfort and craftsmanship.  SprayPUR™, TAC 2™ and FastKast™, offer superior surface workmanship in touch, color, grain and gloss.


IAC’s SmartFoil®, TwinFoil® and TwinSurface® technologies address environmental, durability and safety needs, while improving the quality of vehicle interiors, especially in the small car segment, in a cost-competitive manner.


To provide OEMs with a market advantage, IAC ensures interior design continuity with features and technologies like sewn leather, appliqués and outlets that are used in both floor consoles and cockpit systems.


Vertical integration ensures that products and processes, from injection molded side panels to painted decorative components and leather-wrapped armrests, optimize our value chain and meet global OEM performance and cost requirements.