Headliner & Overhead Systems


IAC designs, engineers, manufactures and assembles complete modular overhead systems for global automakers including headliners, overhead consoles, grab handles, visors, energy management brackets and overhead lighting.


Our portfolio includes a full range of lightweight, low-cost substrates, including our Urocore and Thermal Formable Rigid Urethane, which meet strength, cost, packaging space and energy management requirements.


IAC uses best-in-class injection molding processes to produce overhead consoles internally, while helping OEMs meet safety requirements, using IAC’s Safe-TEC™ energy management system behind the headliner.


Additionally, IAC’s Silent Solutions® provides sound absorption in headliner applications, further reducing road noise and contributing to a quieter interior.

IAC was a finalist for the Automotive News PACE Award finalist for its work on the Toyota Venza overhead system, a lightweight and lower cost solution for the OEM.