Flooring & Acoustic Systems


IAC offers a full range of flooring and acoustic systems to block and absorb road and structural noise, and reduce engine noise in the interior, including dash insulators, rear package trays, floor mats, engine side acoustic insulators and trunk trim.


IAC’s Silent Solutions® and acoustic science experience provides OEMs with a variety of solutions to meet interior acoustic requirements, while also satisfying price and performance demands.


EcoBlend® is made from post-industrial waste and is used for package trays and acoustical insulators. This green solution minimizes scrap in our facilities and local landfills, while also reducing raw material costs.


Intercept® is a low-cost suite of stain treatments that guard surfaces and help to maintain the appearance of the interior. Intercept™ has been laboratory tested to resist all conventional consumer foods, beverages and household products.


When added to SprayPUR™, barium sulfate is an acoustic insulator that enhances acoustic performance and helps to reduce engine noise at a lower cost than traditional solutions.  It is used most often in premium vehicles in the U.S. and Europe.