Continuous Improvement


IAC embraces and deploys continuous improvement philosophies and shares best practices globally, including Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma, Kaizen and 5S.


IAC invests significant resources for continuous improvement, including IAC’s own Kaizen College which helps employees at all levels identify opportunities to enhance operations. IAC also has an employee-driven program designed to optimize manufacturing processes and reduce waste and cost.


5S is a key component and foundational element of lean manufacturing and has been embraced and applied throughout IAC operations.


5S focuses on having visual order, organization, cleanliness and standardization. The principles underlying 5S at first appear to be simple, obvious and common sense; and they are, but without a formal 5S program, many businesses ignore these basic principles.


The 5Ss are:

  • Sort – keep what is needed and discard the rest
  • Straighten – organize, identify and arrange those items that are needed
  • Shine – clean and keep things in order
  • Standardize – develop a systematic approach to maintain
  • Sustain – developing the culture and discipline to maintain what has been accomplished